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The Paradigm Shift

The history of the music industry is inevitably also the story of the development of technology. From the player piano to the vinyl disc, from reel-to-reel tape to the cassette, from the CD to the digital download, these formats and devices changed not only the way music was consumed, but the very way they were created.

Benchmark Products

Music starts where language ends

CREATE - Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Record your music in an environment designed by musicians, for musicians. With great equipment, acoustics, internationally prevalent tasteful visual design and professional engineers, BenchMark Studios is a place not just for capturing music, but for creating it.

COMMUNIQUE - Music & Audio Post-Production for advertising

From complex musical briefs, sound design, ADR, voice overs, all the way to the final mix, we make sure the audio for your TV commercial or radio spot is bang-on target. The studio has access to a range of music composers, musicians and voice talent and the experience to create a product that will fit your brief, budget & time-lines. Our producers keep you in the loop through every step of the process to deliver a world-class finished product.

PRO-CREATE -Music & Audio Post-Production for films & events

Music, dialogues, sound effects & Foley. It's not just about laying down sounds but creating a sound scape or a character that supports the story and gives an identity to your film or visual content. At BenchMark, audio postproduction and composition happens in the same facility for a collaborative effort through the entire project.

LIVE & LET LIVE - Band, Artists live rehearsals

The live musical performance comes to life with the jam room space that is designed keeping in mind to create the actual experience if not better when artists performs live on stage. International technology, world-class instruments & kit gives you the perfect ambience for a great rehearsal.

PARADIGM SHIFT - The BenchMark Rock Band

Is a progressive rock band from Mumbai India, formed in early 2008.The music is an amalgamation of various genres of world music, combining international and Indian flavour with progressive rock fusion.

Music is what Feelings sound like,
and Feeling is what we create

The Musical Space

Where the notes hit you deep & hard but you get no pain

Every square inch of the 2500 sqft musical grandeur is designed and crafted keeping in mind the experience that is imperative to deliver world-class music content. The environment surrounds you to ensure one is transported to a zone of ultimate musical journey.

The lobby gives every soul in the facility to connect while de-stressing and unwinding with the right entertainment, library consisting of some rare merchandise and the perfect blend of food and refreshment, which is again a great ingredient to create great music.

Live Room/Rehearsal Room

Equipped to cater to bands and artists for recording live drums, percussions, string sections and rehearsals.

Studio A

Our main studio is the control centre/mixing room with a wide range of recording & monitoring equipment to provide uncompromising output.

Studio B

It's our main studio primarily equipped to handle Ad Jingles, dubbing, background score and sound design.

Vocal Booth

It's equipped to do dubbing as well as vocal recordings.

The Thought

Benchmarking the sphere of music

Studio layout through video

Benchmark Studios

Conceived with the single-minded vision to bring in a paradigm shift in the way music meets the limits of creation.

BenchMark Studios is an integrated solution creating benchmark music production, bringing together top-of-the-line technology and client comfort in one hemisphere of musical space. Whether you want to record an album, produce a movie sound track, record a commercial or audio for the digital media, we ensure that the creative spine of a great music collaboration is unhindered.


The vision behind the studio has some great minds from India and from different part of the world culminating their experience to power and nurture the concept. The studio boasts of a strong spine with a legacy of BenchMark Group a strong marketing execution force across the globe.

Extremely talented musicians who represent the much acclaimed Fusion Rock Band "Paradigm Shift " are the pillars behind the idea of this germination - "who else can understand music better ", where passion has become "the" serious business.

Ariel Samson


Ariel has over 8 years of experience in Musicianship including:
Playing the Bass Guitar
6+ years of experience as a Recording Engineer
4+ years of experience as a Producer

Kaushik Ramachandran


Kaushik has 9+ years of experience in song writing and has been a self taught vocalist for 11+ years and also has 3+ years of experience in Production.

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